Who is Restoring Ty

Well, I’m a something age woman, lol, who decided that dreaming would always be a dream until I get off my behind and make it a reality.

As a little girl, I always thought I would travel the world. As I grew up, I started adulting, and this idea became a dream, however, never a reality.


  • Fear
  • doubt
  • Finances
  • and fear

As we get older and we talk to people about our dreams and wants. You always have people who will put things in “perspective” for you, as they say. Especially in the black community, we only go to the touristy places. Traveling to strange places is not the norm. They tell you, why would you want to go there? Let me pump the fear into you and look at you sideways when you say you’re going ALONE.

Not to mention the doubt you may already have. How could you ever go to these places that you’ve only dreamt of? Why? With what money? Who will go with me?

I finally said F it! I can’t continue to waste my time and my life dreaming about things that are in fact, possible to achieve. I want to show my community and the world that one, black people actually do travel and guess what they can do it alone. Yes, Alone!

I want you as my readers to leave my blog and feel like you were on the journey with me. To make sure you have all the info you need to travel to these destinations and feel fulfilled after doing so. To love all cultures, no matter what you may think of them, or think you know about them.

You’ve already taken the first step by coming to my blog! Thank you for reading and please comment, like, and share with everyone you know.

Come with me on this journey as we love, live, and eat our way throughout the world.

  1. Excellent start to an excellent journey. May the sun shine the way of your path, with the winds to your back. I look forward to the next trip with you!

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